Our memberships provide peace of mind, quick advice and access to injury management from a Healthcare Professional for just a small monthly fee!


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If your a hard working person who would benefit from regular treatment to keep on top of those niggles or a competing athlete who want's to receive injury support like a professional, we have the plan for you!

Perfect for peace of mind

Injury advice whenever you need it

Quick injury management information from your healthcare professional.

Exclusive discount on any services you might need

Built for the fitness fanatic or athlete

Discounts on treatments to help reach your goals

Immediate information about your injuries and potential return-to-play times

Ideal for Sports Teams without access to a club physiotherapist

Injury Screening and Sport Specific Injury Rehabilitation

30 Minute treatment every month

45 Minute treatment every month

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"That's cheaper than the Sports Massage on it's own!"

Jordan Aaron

Washington FC

"I'm always getting injuries and little niggles stopping me from playing at my best. This plan is perfect as my club doesn't have access to a physio. I can now play knowing I have the best support when I need it."

Karl Hamilton

Ju-Jitsu Fighter

"I needed regular treatments to help maintain my condition after I stopped competing, this plan is perfect to keep on top of my training whilst getting similar treatment to what I used to when I competed!"

Join and book your first treatment with us today!

How we can help you

Monthly Sports Massage Treatments

Members will receive a 30 or 45 minute Sports Massage Treatment every month to help maintain regular maintenance of your body and muscles, often crucial to the highest levels of performance. When joining, we'll let you know how to book your appointments.

Unlimited* Injury Consultations

Virtual 'Tele-health' appointments can be booked for FREE to discuss recent injuries, suggest rehabilitation exercises which might aid your recovery and give you information about your potential time to return to your exercise or sport. This is done via a secure video-link provided by PowerDiary, our clinical reporting and booking system. Alternative options (such as phone call or text) can also be organised with notice. Consultations last a maximum of 15 minutes and are booked in advance. For appointments within 24 hours, contact NS Sports Rehab via email or phone.

*Fair usage policy applies

Athletic Injury Screening Profile

Our Athletic Screening Profile analyses all aspects crucial to managing and preventing injuries in competing athletes. It includes a musculoskeletal screen of movements and strength capacity alongside cardiovascular and medical history assessments. All information is presented in an 'Athletic Profile' accessible to the athlete showing all details and providing training and rehabilitation suggestions based on findings.

We have spent the last 12 months modifying what is provided to elite athletes in the professional setting and made it suitable for all athletes wishing to keep an eye on injuries how their body reacts to exercise.

Immediate Injury Rehabilitation Advice

Having access to the information you need about your injury is crucial. We support our clients even when they are away from the clinic with regular advice about injuries and how to manage them alongside personal updates and follow-ups regarding rehabilitation plans based on their progress. All members will be able to contact us and get information about what they might need to do next quickly and efficiently.

Exclusive Discount on Treatments and Equipment

Not only will our members get treatment every month, they will also be able to access our other services such as Sports Taping, Injury Consultations and Medical Acupuncture at a discount. 15% off all services when booked by a member of any of our plans.

Terms and Conditions

Monthly Membership Terms and Conditions

Members of the 'Performance Plan' will receive:

  • One 30 Minute Sports Massage Treatment per calendar month

  • Access to Unlimited* Video Injury Consultations

  • 15% Discount on all Services provided by NS Sports Rehab

  • 15% Discount on equipment purchased from via NS Sports Rehab

Members of the 'Athlete Plan' will receive:

  • One 45 Minute Sports Massage Treatment per calendar month

  • Access to Injury Screening Sessions and a Profile

  • Access to Unlimited* Video Injury Consultations

  • 15% Discount on all Services provided by NS Sports Rehab

  • 15% Discount on equipment purchased from via NS Sports Rehab

Booking Appointments

Appointments must be booked in advance. Bookings within 24 hours require contacting NS Sports Rehab directly via email or telephone and are not accepted online. Monthly Sports Massage Appointments available for the month in which payment has been taken (usually on the 1st of the month) and cannot be rolled over unless specified by NS Sports Rehab in special circumstances where notice will be given. Appointments non-transferable and represent no cash value. Appointments not claimed within the month will be lost unless discussed in advance.


Payments will be taken on the 1st of the month, via 'Go Cardless' Direct Debit. Their Privacy Policy can be found here: GoCardless Privacy Policy. If a member joins after this date, payment will be taken as direct transfer with a direct debit set up for the 1st of the following month and continued thereafter. If payment fails, further attempts at later dates will occur up to 3 attempts. If payment remains unsuccessful, we will try and find a solution to ensure you still receive your service. 

Fair Usage Policy

Maximum 4 sessions per calendar year (September - August). 

Cancellation of your Membership

Memberships can be cancelled at anytime without fee. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so by contacting us directly at or cancelling via the 'GoCardless' portal. Notice may be required. Cancellation of payments will cancel all appointments booked for the future related to that membership. If these appointments are still required, they will be charged at normal rates.

Force Majeure

NS Sports Rehab reserves the right to defer the date for performance of the Services, or to terminate this Agreement, if it is prevented from, or delayed in, carrying on its business past 30 working days by acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond its reasonable control, including strikes, lockouts or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforce of NS Sports Rehab or any other Party), failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of NS Sports Rehab.

For further information, contact us at

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