Unsure about what your appointment might look like during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Initial Consultation

A comprehensive consultation is required to fully analyse your current condition and ascertain the reasons behind your injury. During this appointment, we will discuss your full medical history and conduct testing to conclude a diagnosis. We will then plan your recovery and rehabilitation plan.


Follow-up Appointment

In most cases, we will need multiple session to reach our goals. During the next sessions, we will have time to catch up alongside discussing and reviewing our progress. These appointments may feature more hands-on treatment inline with your treatment plan.

Sports Massage

One of our most popular treatments, sports massage therapy is a form of tissue manipulation which can assist in recovery and people reach their fitness goals. We offer different lengths of appointment to suit your needs. Get in touch today to confirm your appointment.

Sports Rehabilitation

For those who are looking for something more sport-specific to help them reach their sporting goals, this might be for you! Get in touch today to discuss more!